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Conditioning Your Whip: Which Leather Dressing?

July 22, 2009

LeatherDressingAlthough these are not the only two options, the two types of leather conditioner/dressing pictured to the left are the two most commonly accepted products used for conditioning whips.  Jay-El is another relatively common product, particularly in Australia.  The basic ingredients in Pecards and Fiebing’s are mostly identical, just in slightly different proportions.  The majority of your trusted whipmakers will offer at least one of these products on their website, and some will even include a little sampler of their favorite conditioner with every new whip shipped.  Some people prefer the smell or consistency of one over another, but so long as you are using one of these products on your whips, you can rest assured that your whip is receiving the best quality conditioner.  Other leather conditioners may contain ingredients such as neetsfoot oil compound and mink oil which can be great for other leather items, but may be detrimental to the longevity of a braided whip.

For more information on how to and how often to condition your whip, refer to “Leather Dressing/Conditioner: How Much & How Often?

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