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Indy Gear: Club Obi Wan Bullwhips Forum

July 21, 2009


Indy Gear’s forum, Club Obi Wan, houses the largest and longest living whip discussion forum on the internet today.  If you are a big fan of Indiana Jones and his bullwhip, this place is definitely for you.  But even if Indy whips aren’t your primary interest in the whip world, Club Obi Wan also welcomes family-friendly discussion of all types of whips, whipcracking, and even some whipmaking.  Dozens of the most well-known whipmakers and whipcrackers from all over the world are members of the bullwhip section of COW, including but not at all limited to (and in no particular order): David Morgan’s son Will Morgan, Adam Winrich, Joe Strain, Chris Camp, Simon Martin, Chris Barr, Bernie Wojcicki, Russel Shultz, Bernardo delCarpio, and Lauren Wickline and Paul Nolan from MidWestWhips.

The only trick is that you have to register in order to view the posts, and you can’t register using a free email account like Yahoo or Gmail.  I know, that’s a bit of a pain, but registration is completely free and they won’t send you any annoying junk emails either, so that’s a big plus.  If you’re into whips, Club Obi Wan is definitely worth the 30 seconds it takes to register.  Once you’re registered, click on the section titled “The Bullwhip” for all the whip talk.


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