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How To Crack: Hassett’s Four Corners

July 21, 2009

Hassett’s 4 Corners is a really excellent looking routine that looks impressive done with one hand, but can also be done two-handed (balanced and staggered).  It is definitely a somewhat more advanced routine however, even if you’re only trying to do it with one hand, so we recommend learning the following prerequisite cracks and combos in order to gain the skills and concepts needed for Hassett’s Four Corners.  Perfect these cracks in the order in which they are listed:

1. The overhead plane figure-8, as level and parallel to the ground as possible

2. The overhead volley, once again as level as well as parallel with the ground as possible.

Once you have those down fluidly so the thong flows (not flops) the entire
duration of the crack, and level in the overhead plane, then move on to:

3. The slow Helicopter, which is basically the figure-8 in the overhead plane,
but instead of cattlemans crack in the figure-8, use coachman’s cracks in the
overhead plane, so there is a bit more of a delay. This will set you up to move
into the fast Helicopter.

4. The fast Helicopter is sort of a coachman’s crack volley in the overhead
plane. It get’s its name from both the sound, as well as the way your arm looks
while cracking it. It is a bit taxing on your forearm, as you have to pivot
your elbow while twisting your wrist both 180 degrees back and fourth. But this
crack is essentially the back two cracks of the Hassett’s four corners, the only
thing different is the added flicks in front on either side in between each of
the back cracks of the Fast Helicopter.

5.The Hassett’s 4 Corners is even more difficult and hard on your wrist and arm
than the Fast Helicopter as you have to twist your wrist even further on either
side to get the flick cracks, and timing here is really the key. It is best to
start with the Fast Helicopter, and while continuously repeating that crack
attempt to add one of the flicks every once in a while. Then slowly start to
add them in more and more until you are getting all 4 cracks
consistently. If you are only getting puff sound and not a sharp crack on the
flicks, you are on the right track, but just need to slightly adjust your timing
and the extension of the twist in your arm.

Here is a short video whipmaker Paul Nolan from MidWestWhips made last year of an improvised building routine that includes the Hassett’s 4 Corners toward the end, and it shows it all in slow motion as well.

If we can find the time in the coming months, we will try to shoot a video of building into the 4 corners specifically using the cracks mentioned in the instructions we’ve detailed above – going from the overhead plane figure-8, to the overhead volley, to the slow Helicopter, to the fast Helicopter, and finally into the Hassett’s 4 corners.

UPDATE!  As promised, we’ve finally made a video showing many of the building blocks mentioned above, with the video finally culminating in Hassett’s Four Corners itself.  There are some additional basic cracks in there as well, and they might be a little out of order at times, but we’ve done our best to clearly label and demonstrate everything you see.  Anyways, here it is, just below…

2 Comments leave one →
  1. jeanfifi permalink
    October 21, 2009 2:41 pm

    Thank you very much for this video Paul.
    It’s always a pleasure to learn anything concerning whpmaking or whipcraking from you.
    I am sure many whipcrackers will appreciate and improve with this very teaching video.


  2. James Catlin permalink
    March 24, 2010 8:45 am

    I really did like this video. I am just getting started to learn whip cracking and know that I will not try this yet but I will be there one day. Thanks for making it.

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